Hall Booking

Security Deposit

Along with your booking we require a security deposit/bond ($500 to $900), depending on type of event) which will be refundable after the completion of your booking and the room is left in a clean and satisfactory state.

Rates Guidelines


Commercial rates will apply for all Commercial, Business and Groups that generally have objectives that include a level of commercial profitability.


General rates will apply to individuals plus Organisations and Groups that are from other than the Lane Cove Local Government Area and that operate on a not for profit/ recovery of reasonable costs, or Organisations and Groups, from the Lane Cove Community, that have the objective of achieving a nominal surplus/ profit only.

Concession and Community

Concession and Community rates will only be available for Organisations and Groups that form part of the Lane Cove Local Government Area, have a Community focused objective and operate on a not for profit/ recovery of reasonable costs only basis.
Confirmation of User Category will remain the sole responsibility of 1st Lane Cove Scouts and determinations made will be final and not subject to appeal.


Cancellation – 50% within 7-days;  100% within 24-hours, of the booking.

Loss of Card Key – $100;  Loss of door or lock keys – $60

Cleaning Charge, if considered necessary by 1st Lane Cove Scouts  –  $180


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