Venturers 2011 Activities

This is what we did in Term 4 last year! Moocooboolah Venturers Term 4 2011v3
If you’re on Facebook look up our Moocooboolah Vennies Group.

The Venturers and Leader James had fun with camouflage at our Family Camp in November – covered in mud they had to find hiding places and then challenged the scouts and cubs to a) spot them and b) name who they were!!

This year, the Venturer Scouts helped run an activity base at ScoutHike (Sydney North Region’s lightweight hiking competition for scouts) The theme ScoutHike 2011 was ‘Aliens’. Our base was ‘The Incredible Hulk’ the scout patrols had to carry a container of “antidote” over an obstacle course where the Venturers were waiting to disrupt them!! A lot of fun was had by all & the cargo net was a huge hit!

After gaining their linking Venturer Skills award three of our Venturers attended Dragon Skin (a hiking competition for Venturer Scouts from all over NSW) over the Easter weekend.

Recently the Venturers also attended the annual VentOut Camp and helped to give older scouts a taste of what Venturing is about.

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