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Getting a JOEY SCOUT MOB @ 1st Lane Cove:
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We are still looking at commencing a Joey Mob. Adult leaders are required for this to commence.

If you have a child of 6-8 years of age please register your interest here & we will contact you regarding a date for an introductory session for children & parents later in Term 2 2019:

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Joey Scouts are boys and girls from 6-8 years of age who have fun learning by “doing”, playing games and making friends. Joeys are taught to jump in and help other people (H.O.P.!). Through games, stories and basic adventure-based activities Joey scouts helps kids to socialise, and is a gentle introduction to the Scouting world of challenges and adventures!

We need to have 1 adult for every 5 Joey scouts for the Mob program to be effectively run: if you are interested in spending quality time with your child, or just interested in helping with a youth program – we are always looking for leaders: simply register your interest above

You can look at one of our programs from last year to see a range of activities our Joey scouts enjoyed..1st Lane Cove_Joeys _Term 1_2015

Here are some photos from some of our activities!

Joeys 1st Meeting

Joeys Craft

Joeys campfire


To learn more about Joey Scouts and the great ‘educational fun’ based development environment they can provide your child, please take a look at on the Scouts NSW website.

joeys canoeing

Joey fruit face NishiJoey fruit faces20150401_183746

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