Scout Hike 2017

Scout Hike 2017 – A Historical Adventure.

May 5 saw Scouts from all over the Region participating in an independent hike for the weekend.
Scouts were responsible for carrying their own tent, food and supplies. They had to brave the weather, navigate to a number of Historical Adventure Bases, and suffer their own cooking skills.

The 1st Lane Cove Scouts that participated had a ball, they enjoyed the independence, the Activity Bases and mostly came back in the same clothes ready for a home cooked meal and a hot bath.

Here’s some of the feedback:

“It was a ton of fun and not to mention a big struggle from time-to-time. The activities were all based on Historical Events such as The Battle of Hastings, Red Barron and The Crusades – all well made and interesting.”

We took a two hour bus ride and set up camp in the dark. The best thing I enjoyed was the Activities because they were fun and taught you new things.”

“In the morning for breakfast we had hot baked beans, I forgot to pack a bowl so I ate from the billy lid.”

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Well done Ava, Nick, Seb and Zack.

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